No World War 3, No War In Syria – Impeach Obama Now, Stop The Madness……

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Joke & A Fraud – Impeach Obama Before It’s Too Late

    You’ve seen them all over the country. Overpasses full of signs and people calling for the Impeachment of President Obama. Some have even got arrested for expressing this action against America’s Commander-in-Chief.


    Like presidents before him Obama is facing congress to engage yet another sovereign nation in acts of war.

    The last time Professor Francis Boyle joined us he had returned from convicting former president Bush of War Crimes at an international tribunal

    Now, Professor Boyle is calling for Obama’s Impeachment and he is here to talk to us today to provide you with his reasons why.

    Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He served as a prosecutor at the tribunal.

    Tags: Syria, Impeach Obama, Crimes Against Humanity, Professor Francis Boyle, Iran, Libya, Big Brother

    Please note there is some audio problems with the video.