The Feds Double Speak On The Alleged Orlando Shooting – Welcome to Orwell’s 1984

Weird Orlanda ShootingThe Feds Double Speak On The Alleged Orlando Shooting – Welcome to Orwell’s 1984

Welcome to Orwell’s 1984, where history is not only being rewritten, but the present is being edited and rewritten in real time.

12 Amish Girls Rescued From Basement Of Pennsylvania Man’s Home

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.40.19 AM
Video Screenshot. Image Credit CBS

In a disturbing investigation in Pennsylvania, 12 Amish girls were found at a home outside Philadelphia. Ranging from 6-month-olds to 18-year-olds, they were likely living in the basement of the house in Feasterville. The homeowner, Lee Kaplan, is facing multiple charges including statutory sexual assault. DeMarco Morgan reports.

12 Amish girls rescued from basement of man’s home by cbsnews

Pro-Zionist Nut Paul Joseph Watson Did Have A Good Rant About, Crazy Violent Left-Wing Extremists

Zio-Boy- Crazy Violent Left-Wing Extremists2Pro-Zionist Nut Paul Joseph Watson Did Have A Good Rant About, Crazy Violent Left-Wing Extremists

What Could Go Wrong? Crime Fighting Robots Now Equipped With Self-Defense Instincts

What Could Go Wrong? Crime Fighting Robots Now Equipped With Self-Defense Instincts

Crime Fighting Robots

By Claire Bernish

Once thought to be too approachable for their own good — as in, able to efficaciously perform the tasks they’ve been designed to do — robots are now being programmed with self-defense capabilities.

Now, robots which, say, patrol for criminal or suspicious activity come with a blend of humanoid characteristics and self-defense programs which prevent them from being perceived as too cute — or too menacing.

“Because of all the doomsday scenarios people imagine with robots, their makers have to insert some cuteness,” explained Golden Krishna, a designer with Alphabet’s Google, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

“When humans see a robot that doesn’t have eyes,” said Rodolphe Gelin, SoftBank Group Corp. robotics unit chief scientific officer, “they think it doesn’t care about them.”

That perception — however Orwellian it might sound — can be detrimental to a robot’s ability to function on the job in the presence of humans.

After several failed design attempts to find the appropriate balance between relatable and threatening — and a number of incidents in which robots faced ‘abuse’ or ‘assault’ by humans — newer robots employ self-defense capabilities.

One incident of, well, ‘roboticide’ occurred with the failed experiment of HitchBOT. This cylindrical robot with an LED smile was dropped off on the roadside to see how if robots could “depend on people” — but the experiment came to an abrupt halt when HitchBOT “was found decapitated in Philadelphia last summer,” the WSJ noted.

“While the project showed that they can indeed trust humans,” HitchBOT’s creators said generally of robots, “there are also exceptions to the rule.”

Experts on the interaction between humans and their new mechanical counterparts observed “robot abuse” in action in Okinawa, Japan, in 2014, when robots designed to assist the elderly in purchasing groceries came under attack by children, who kicked it, beat it with a bottle and bent its neck.

“The robot said ‘Someone help me!’ and Ouch, that hurt,” said researcher, Dražen Bršcic, with ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Laboratories, as cited by the WSJ. “But it didn’t stop the children.”

Those experiments led, in part, to robots with human-like facial features that can also employ defensive tactics if someone gets spooked or wishes to cause harm.

Instead of reacting as if they’re being hurt, some newer robots have been designed to simply stop moving altogether — in theory, to cause attackers to lose interest. Thus, the K5 — a robot who performs all the functions of security patrols except offense — was born.

The WSJ described the K5:

The camera ended up at nose position. A row of ultrasonic sensors, to help it avoid running into people, looks like buttons. A navigation laser resembles a hat. Curved lights are eye-like.

The K5 patrols with buddy bots. If someone messes with one, its partner can document the offense. The K5’s shape and 300 pounds offer protection: The lack of edges make it hard for bad guys to lift and steal. Knightscope rents a K5 for $7 and hour or about $60,000 a year.

This 5-foot, 3-inch, glossy-white, graffiti-resistant K5 now appears almost neutral and can interact with humans more readily than some previous designs — such as a robot resembling a small tank — but is built with the ‘play dead’ reflex if attacked.

Knightscope, the start-up responsible for the K5, sought to create a beat cop robot; and the company’s vice president of marketing and sales, Stacy Stephens — as a former Dallas police officer — has offered input for the project.

“When it comes to mischievous activities,” she said in the WSJ, “I know a bit about what people do.

While the world might not be quite ready for armed robots-on-patrol, it would be a question worth considering as designs improve and people become familiarized to their presence. Armed, unmanned aerial vehicles — drones — have been responsible for a highly-contentious number of deaths in conflicts around the world, and particularly, the Middle East.

Can armed, unmanned, non-aerial, ‘human-esque’ robots really be that far in our future?

Below is a video of the K5 in action.

Claire Bernish writes for, where this article first appeared.

Image Credit

Donald Trump Assassination Attempt: 19 Year Old Man Tried To Kill Trump At Las Vegas Rally

A man has been arrested over an attempt to assassinate Donald Trump in a Las Vegas rally.
A man has been arrested over an attempt to assassinate Donald Trump in a Las Vegas rally.

By Press TV

A man has attempted to assassinate presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at one of his rallies in Las Vegas, according to a federal complaint.

The suspect identified as Michael Steven Sandford, 19, was arrested Saturday at Treasure Island after trying to grab at the holster and handle of a gun of a Las Vegas police officer.

Sandford, who had a UK driver’s license, said he had been plotting to kill Trump for about a year and that he thought the business mogul could be killed by one or two rounds before officers kill him for his act.

He told a US Secret Service agent that he had driven to Las Vegas from California on Thursday to kill Trump, according to the complaint filed on Monday.

He also said that he even went to a Las Vegas gun range on Friday in order to learn how to fire a gun, noting he fired almost 20 rounds from a 9 millimeter Glock pistol, the complaint said, adding he had never fired a gun before.

Sanford said, during the rally, he thought he saw the officer’s gun unlocked, adding he figured acquiring a gun this way would be the easiest, the complaint alleged.

Sandford “knowingly attempted to engage in an act of physical violence against Donald J. Trump … by attempting to seize a firearm from Las Vegas Metropolitan Department Officer,” according to the complaint.

He also said that he had bought tickets for another rally in Phoenix, Arizona, later that day, in order to kill Trump, if the first attempt had been unsuccessful.

Antichrist? Very Creepy Freaks That Want To Play God

Very Creepy Freaks That Want To Play GodWORLDWIDE STRANGE EVENTS: Something Strange is Happening Around the World. This video shows prophetic events from the past week or so June 2016 signs of the times

Antichrist? The Transhumanist Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan Gyurko Plans To Microchip Everyone?

Killing Off The Whites: Who Is Intentionally Opening The Borders To Destroy The USA & Europe?

Killing Off The Whites

Opinion & Video By Dr Duke

Killing Off The Whites: Who Is Intentionally Opening The Borders To Destroy The USA & Europe?


Former School Mate Mia Pope Exposes The Strange Deaths Around Barack Obama


Former School Mate Mia Pope Exposes The Strange Deaths Around Barack Obama

By Jeff Rense & Mia Pope

Lowly Murderers Continue Evil: Israeli Illegal Settlers Reside On ‘Blood Of Murdered Children’

blood of murdered children

Israeli Zionist Union spokesman Ofer Newman

By Press TV

Israeli illegal settlers occupying lands beyond borders recognized by the international community have “murdered children,” says Zionist Union spokesman Ofer Newman, yet arguing that they are not “as frightening” as they want to be portrayed.

“The settlers built swimming pools on the blood of children they murdered,” he wrote on his Facebook page late on Saturday. “What kind of a twisted moral basis enables these people to stride along on a path toward the deaths of thousands of Israelis without anyone saying to them: ‘You have gone too far! You are lowly murderers. You belong in prison!’

Newman further likened the illegal settlers to “children to whom somebody forgot to say ‘No!’”

“They are not as frightening as they like us to think. They are people who have lost their sanity and are prepared to sacrifice us on the altar of their insanity. This has to be stopped!” he wrote.

Newman’s comments infuriated his boss, Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog, who published a statement to save face among settlers.

“The post by Ofer Newman, my spokesperson, was very critical, very blunt, and very wrong, because it creates a generalization that I am unwilling to accept and uses imagery that we mustn’t use under any circumstances,” said the party leader. “I meet with settlers nearly every day… and even if we have criticism about the settler leadership, they are and always will be, our brothers and part of our extended family.”

Israeli settlers stand on the roof of a building after dozens of Israelis entered two homes in a building in the center of the Palestinian city of al-Khalil (Hebron), sparking violent clashes on January 21, 2016. (AFP)

Newman followed suit by posting an apology, saying his comments had been inspired by a movie he had recently watched.

“The things that I wrote are causing a storm, and I want to clarify,” he wrote. “Last night, I saw the film ‘The Settlers.’ I came home upset and wrote things that it is forbidden to write [when you are] upset.”

Insane settlers

Newman’s censure nearly coincided with similar comments by an Israeli celebrity anchorwoman, deriding a settler during a game show late on Friday.

After an Israeli settler participating in the show finished singing, Israeli Channel 10 anchorwoman Oshrat Kotler (pictured above) said, “There is no doubt that he is a sane settler. It seems that those types do exist, even from Yitzhar (a settlement in the northern West Bank).”

She later apologized for being misunderstood by some, voicing regret that her “spontaneous wording was not successful and did not correspond with what I meant to say.”

Over half a million Israelis live in more than 230 illegal settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, including East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Continued expansion of the illegal settlements has created a major obstacle to the Middle East peace process.

Homosexual Neocon and Zionist Jew Milo Yiannopoulous Is A Trojan Horse?

Zionist Jew Milo YiannopoulousHomosexual Neocon and Zionist Jew Milo Yiannopoulous Is A Trojan Horse?

By Brandon Martinez

Homosexual Neocon and Zionist Jew Milo Yiannopoulous is a trojan horse trying to steer the Alt-Right milieu under the domination of Jewish exceptionalism.

Milo is a lying one-sided piece of garbage. The real truth below!
The Gulags “Gulags in Soviet Union — Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians”

Bolschevick Jews Killed 100 Million Mainly White Christians

The Bloody History of Satanic Jewish Communism