The Mormon Casey Anthony

The tumultuous love affair between accused killer Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander began with such a rush of intensity that just days after meeting one another, Arias broke up with her boyfriend of four years and had her first sexual encounter with

Jodi Arias, the admitted Arizona killer of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, has taken the stand for the defense in her own murder trial. Prosecutors allege that back in 2008, Arias shot Alexander, 30, in the face, slit his throat from

In court this week, admitted killer Jodi Arias detailed her sexual relationship with Travis Alexander. One of the most shocking moments of the trial was when Arias said Alexander made her have anal sex on the same day she was baptized, Nov. 26, 2006.

Jodi Arias takes the stand for a third day on Wednesday to testify in her bombshell murder trial, one day after she described in graphic detail her sexual encounters with the devout Mormon she is accused of brutally murdering.

Day 10 of Jodi Arias' first-degree murder trial in Phoenix, Ariz., highlighted some of the defendant's sexual preferences and a boob job she got prior to meeting the man she is accused of killing. Testimony regarding Arias' sex