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War On Dissenters, You Can Only Get Big Gov’s Propaganda And Their Fake News?

War On Dissenters, You Can Only Get Big Gov’s Propaganda And Their Fake News?

Aaron and Melissa Dykes are truth researchers, truth journalists and truth filmmakers. Their excellent website Truthstreammedia.com and You Tube channel by the same name are two must visit destination for anyone who wants to be informed about the REAL issues we face. Truthstreammedia is the antithesis to the “fake news” you’ll get from CNN and mainstream media outlets.

The Only Purpose Of Mainstream Media Is To Put Out Propaganda And Cover-Up Satanic Crimes Like PizzaGate?

The Only Purpose Of Mainstream Media Is To Put Out Propaganda And Cover-Up Satanic Crimes Like PizzaGate?
mainstream-media-propagandaBy Jack Allen

Video: James O’Keefe “MSM Is Dead”

Message To James O’Keefe – WTF? Sean Hannity is a Zionist Gatekeeper. The Mainstream Media is not dead if you reference Zionist Puppets like Sean Hannity.

Video: Mainstream Media Cover-up #PizzaGate as “Fake News” after Comet Ping Pong Shooting

Video: PizzaGate Is 100% Real, Why Is Media Lying?

Video: Edgar Maddison Welch Crisis Actor in #PizzaGate Comet Pizza Shooting Hoax EXPOSED

Video: The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!


Video: America’s Most Famous Journalist Exposes the Zionist Conspiracy


Satan’s Pyramid Of Insanity Rules The World – Don’t Let Lies And Propaganda From Primitive Creatures Enslave You?

Satan’s Pyramid Of Insanity Rules The World – Don’t Let Lies And Propaganda From Primitive Creatures Enslave You?


By Jack Allen

Did you wake up this morning and turn on the TV or read a newspaper to get the latest update of so-called world events or did you wake up this morning and think for yourself and just take a look around you and ignore talking heads reading teleprompters?

I decided years ago to ignore everything that I thought was true. Just throw out all the information that was force feed to me since I was born. I wanted my own reality. This is not a simple task because our programming is deeply embedded.

What I started to do was question everything. I became a blank book with empty pages that needed to be filled. Since I am in the current moment I realized that everything that is controlling us is a creation of a human. Our laws, money, tax scheme and so many other things are just made-up crazy stuff and can be dumped or changed at anytime if us humans got together and came up with better options that are not evil in nature. A world based on GOOD not on dark energy like Baal or Lucifer that we are currently under.

If I was the only person alive on the planet today, I could just simple go out into nature and find fruits and vegetables and eat these foods and make sure that their seeds are dropped back into the earth to regrow more fruits and vegetables. I would be just like the birds and other creatures that don’t follow a human’s created rules of controls.

Let’s say I became shipwrecked on an Island with 100 people and I decided or thought I was better than everyone else on the Island and I had a right to control them and all the resources on the island. I could simply engrave on a rock that I am King.

How could I get the rest of the people on the island to accept me as their King? There is only one of me and one hundred of them.

I could conspire with a few others that I noticed also had my delusions of grandeur. I could just add some of them to my plan to make myself King. I could give these people helping me to takeover the island titles like Sirs, Lords, Senators, Congressman, High Priests and Rabbis. I could also have someone named The Wizard Of Darkness. I would dress this wizard in a scary costume to intimidate everyone. I would make sure the Wizard had a few scary magic tricks.

I could also write down my plan for my  Island takeover in a book. I could call this book The Talmud. So now my plan is all in place and I have my team ready to go! I just need a little muscle behind me just in case the others on the island tell me to go to Hell. So I will create a small army of people. First I will find two people and give them titles like General and Captain plus give them shiny things to wear so they will feel important. I will let my new General and Captain pick some others on the island to be their army soldiers. We will also give these army soldiers shiny things to wear but also give them big sticks and sharp tools.

I will ferment some berries to make them tasty drinks that will keep my new army drunk and dull in the head so they will not know they are being used. I will also provide entertainment that also shows shiny new things to them to keep them distracted. I will control all the news that people on the island see by creating a newspaper. My newspaper will also have nice shiny things to entertain and distract them from ever seeing my evil plans to control them and takeover.

I am King so I now want the biggest house on the island so I call my General and Captain into a meeting to get them to raise a collection from everyone on the island to build my new castle. I will call it the King’s Tax and I will get my brain dead drunk army of soldiers to kill anyone that does not pay the taxes I need for my Shiny new Castle. If one of my soldiers dies collecting taxes I will call them a Patriot and give a shiny thing to their family so the death will mean something to someone.

My Plan A – treat everyone on the island like an equal and just let nature provide for us like it was designed to do. Everything in harmony

Don’t let the evil control our world

Wake up and see what is really going on around you. Don’t follow the propaganda and the lies that were given to you.

Exposing The Talmud

The Satanic Kosher Seal Revealed

Secrets of the Hidden Kosher Mark & The Rabbinical Tax

The New World Order and the Talmud

By Sherry Shriner

The New World Order and the Talmud.  What does the Talmud have to do with it? It’s the hidden cornerstone of the NWO agenda.

I never realized it either until recently. I mean we’ve had spin doctors and disinfo agents over the past hundred years making sure we believed all the evils were beget through Catholicism. In fact, I think I just finally put the last piece to this NWO puzzle together. At least in my mind. Now it all makes sense. I love how God works. You never where you’re going until you’re already in it.

The Talmud is the Satanic version of the Torah. The Jews have an oral version of the Torah called the Tenach, or which some call the Talmud, but the Talmud a minority of real Jews are familiar with is not the Talmud being used today. The Babylonian Talmud has taken precedence since 1905 and is blasphemous. In fact every Jew today is taught through this particular Talmud.  It refers to Jesus as an idol, and His worshippers as idolaters. It claims Jesus was into beastiality and is burning in hell in a pool of semen. Now where would that come from? Satan Himself. The books of the Talmud are based on the teachings of the Pharisees. To understand why Jesus held such contempt towards this ancient sect of elitists, Christians must have some knowledge of the books of the Talmud—a set of 63 books written by ancient rabbis. These books contain the legal code which is the basis of todays Judaism and Jewish law. In fact, Talmudic Judaism is primarily a legal system in a literal sense. It
has little to do with religion. It is more of an ancient political cult group with many followers who are not openly Jewish. This is why so many Jews openly claim to be Jewish and atheist at the same time.

In fact the Talmud originated from the ancient Cabal occult and Pharisee sects. Jesus told them they were the Synogogue of Satan. Every Zionist today clings to what they think are the secret teachings of the Talmud. Welcome to the Internet where very little remains secret of anything. You can read some Tidbits about the Talmud at <a target=”new” href=”http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/talmud_tidbits.htm”>Talmud Tidbits</a>
Today the majority of Jews in Israel are practitioners of Pharisaic law—Talmudic law—which is the enemy of truth, Jesus, and God.

THE NOAHIDE LAWS AND THE NWO. Why? Because George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah.
WHAT ARE THE SEVEN LAWS OF NOAH AND WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR HEAD? It was studying this that brought me to the Talmud. Since the Noahide Laws are based on the Talmud.

Do you get the connection? In the same Year George W. Bush announced the emergence of the New World Order, he proclaimed the United States as being based on the Noahide Laws. Nevermind that our country was based on God, or a Bill of Rights, or a Constitution to protect us from tyrants such as he was. In fact, nothing was done then and nothing is being done now. People just don’t understand what they’re talking about and accept whatever the media tells them to believe. We have been set up. Our political leaders have replaced God with Satan and have replaced our Constitution with Dictatorial Powers to completely enslave each one of us.

God’s Watchmen are Sounding the Alarms and have been, but very few are listening.

So back to the Talmud. Follow the bouncing ball…Satanists…Talmud..Pharisees..Illuminati…New World Order. Who are the Illuminati? They comprise of the Bolshevik Jews of old, the Lubavitch Jews of today, the Zionists, the Communists, almost every government in the world and secret society that takes oaths to Lucifer and participate in blood rituals whether sacrifices, drinking, or both. They’re practices in ritual and black magic are taken directly from the Talmud.

Is there any doubt that our end was ordained at the beginning? You can trace the Talmud Satanists back to the worship of Molech and even before that. It’s ancient. Today it’s the same practices and old lies just repackaged with a new name called the New World Order. Read about Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, it will open your eyes and make you realize that everything we have today goes back to the occult practices of the earlier days.

Every disgusting teaching or beliefs of the Talmud are the same beliefs that the Illuminati hold today. We’ve been steered away from the Jewish aspect. They shove(d) the evils of the Vatican at everyone so the focus is off of them. The real and Christian Jews of today disregard the Zionists and want nothing to do with them. The god of the Zionists is their army, building their military strength. What does Daniel say about the Antichrist? His god is one his fathers knew not, a god of forces.

Doesn’t get any clearer than that. Most know the Antichrist would have to have Jewish blood for the Jews to be deceived into believing he’s their Messiah. The Antichrist is coming out of the NWO. Do you get the picture now? And just as Hitler, a forerunner, he’ll have Jewish blood, and he’ll be Talmudic…occultic.

The Talmud Jews have been behind every major war and mass murder since the beginning of time. Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, just the more notable ones in our recent history. They even masterminded the Jewish Holocaust via the Nazi’s for political gain. They wanted their own Zionist state. To them, if you’re not a Talmudic Jew, you’re not a Jew at all. So sacrificing millions of “non-Jews” (Jews who worshipped only Torah) wasn’t a problem for them, in fact for them it was a Sacrifice and ritual to their God Satan.

There seems to be a great divide amongst the Jews. Those who worship the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and those who completely rebel and have always caused the nation to fall into idolatry and sin. As in the past, as is today.

So there’s really no big secret about who these NWO Satanists really are. They’ve been around for thousands of years in secret and occult societies. Infiltrating, deceiving, and persecuting God’s people under the guise of inquisitions, communism, and holocausts. And everything they’ve done, and everything they do, can be traced directly back to the Talmud. Source


We Are Living Under Satanic Jewish Communist Propaganda? Christianity, Vatican and Catholic Church Hijacked By AntiChrist Agenda?

We Are Living Under Satanic Jewish Communist Propaganda – Christianity, Vatican and Catholic Church Hijacked By AntiChrist Agenda?


By Jack Allen

When you turn off all the Zionist controlled media and really review history you will be in shock to find that everything we were told is one big evil lie.

There is strong evidence that WW1 and WW2 were both started by Godless Jews that lied and engaged in propaganda, blackmail and other deceptions to bring the world to war.

Jews Behind WW1

WW2 A Jewish Creation

Based on all the wars since WW2 and the fact that we are basicly living in a police state, we must ask, what kind of evil won WW2? If everything we belived about WW1 and WW2 is now confirmed as just propaganda and lies we must look at and question everthing, past and present.


People in the United States are not really aware that The Federal Reserve Act that was manipulated on us on December 23, 1913 gave control of our money to a Satanic Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel. Also note AP and Reuters are also controlled by the Satanic Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel.

Did Satanic Jews take over the United States in 1913? Does this explain why, the United States government lied to the American people to get us in to WW2? Does this explain why the United States government funded and helped Satanic Jews take over Christian Russia?

Bottonline, the United States government both financed and instigated the Jewsih led Mass Murdering Bolshevik Revolution and the overthrow of the Tsar, and finally, his death and the murder of his entire Christian family.

Video: The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas II

The powers that emerged victorious from World War I made a second war almost inevitable by the peace conditions they imposed upon Germany. That second war was later made certain, not by the intentions of Hitler but by the determination of his eternal enemies to destroy the new Germany that he had created. By the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919 and the Treaty of St. Germain on 20 September of the same year, the German people were thoroughly humiliated. The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, wrote: ‘The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.’ The old Austrian Empire was balkanised without respect to its various cultures and nationalities. East Prussia was separated from Germany by a large area ceded to Poland. The Sudeten Germans were placed under Czech control. The coal mining area of the Saar Valley was to be administered for fifteen years by the League of Nations and then a plebiscite held. The corrupt Weimar Republic was forced upon the German nation and the middle classes were robbed of their savings by corrupt finance. There were millions of unemployed and the Sparticist Jewish revolutionary leaders Karl Leibknecht and Rosa Luxembourg were stirring up red revolution.

The video playlist is a must watch, if you want to start to open your eyes and discover what kind of evil is behind our current path as a world. The Truth Is The Only Thing That Can Save The Human Race From A Satanic Zionist NWO.

Video: How the Jews infiltrated the Vatican & changed the Catholic Church


How Satan Took over the Churches for His NWO One-World Empire

Abstract:  Pope Francis- like his predecessors – is eagerly promoting the NWO. Not only is he engaged in the papal efforts to establish a one-world religion, a stew of elements of all religions of the world. In this synthetic religion there is, of course, no room for Christ. This is in accordance  with the 2. Vatican Concile in 1963 where the Vatican celebreted a horrendous black mass with Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) as master of ceremonies and enthroned Lucifer as the head of the Catholic Church.

Furthermore, Pope Francis wants to promote the NWO by means of the lie of man-made global warming. Therefore, he has convened a “climate summit” on 28 April, encompassing only representatives of the orthodox climatists  to influence the UN climate summit in Paris – while representatives of the 97% of climate scientists who say there is no global warming are disregarded.

He even makes the heating / CO2 fight a moral question. He wants to vent this lie as common to all religions, in order to create his one-world religion, a prerequisite for the NWO. It was no accident that former Israeli prime minister and president, Shimon Peres, suggested last year  that the pope should be the leader of the Zionist / Talmudic / Pharisaic dream of the world religion where only Judaism remains unchanged. Francis then mentioned the political program of this world religion: Eco-world communism (Agenda 21), which is also the NWO program.

On and on it goes.  Francis: “This is our sin: the use of the earth”. In November 2013, he published an apostolic letter that an economy that relies on such exploitation is contrary to the Fifth Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill !!!” But here, the Pope is  speaking against God’s commandment: Genesis 1 1: “28 And God blessed them, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it …”.

To make matters worse,  in the Easter Mass of 2012, a papal deacon repeatedly chanted: “Oh Lucifer, you who will never be defeated: Christ is your son”!!!

In the Vatican there are big problems: A gay group has taken over. 40 Vatican Cardinals are said to have converted to Islam – and are reciting the Quran in the Vatican.

In general, the churches have abandoned the teachings of Christ  and preach what people want to hear – in order to keep an audience and church tax payers. They usually survive on empty rituals.

In the end, they have developed into political organizations of the NWO one world religion. In London, a Church of England parish priest celebrates combined Muslim / “Christian”services. Luther was a Rosicrucian – vanguard of Freemasonry by the Jesuits for the glory of Lucifer.
In the US, for example,  a “church” invites people to bring “their own God into the Church” !!
This church recognizes “all  gods and prophets, including Muhammad”.  Atheists are welcome as good contributors.

These people call themselves Christians – but decline the dogma of Christ: “No man cometh unto the Father but through me – John 14:6)”. Who preaches otherwise is an Antichrist or apostle of Satan.


TFrancis+all-religions-are-truehe New American 19 April 2015: It should be fairly easy for Francis to influence climate alarmists in Paris next fall. According to the Vatican announcement however, there is much more at stake.

The goal of this Vatican staged Climate summit on 28 April with only orthodox climatists – neglecting that the great majority of climate scientists with good arguments reject manmade global warming–  is to raise awareness and build a consensus that the values of sustainable development cohere with values of the leading religious traditions, with a special focus on the most vulnerable; to elevate the debate on the moral dimensions of protecting the environment in advance of the papal encyclical; and to help build a global movement across all religions for sustainable development and climate change throughout 2015 and beyond.
Cpapal-climate-summit-countdownommentThis is NWO policy through lie. Sustainable development is nothing but eco one world Communism.

The New American 19 April 2015: Christopher Ferrara, Präsident der amerikanischen katholischen Juristen-Vereinigung: Franziskus´ grüne Agenda macht es für die Welt klar, dass die katholische Kirche sich anscheinend “mehr um die Rettung der Regenwälder, als  um die Rettung der Seelen kümmert.”

So what is Pope Francis I´s motivation: God or the NWO – which is Lucifer´s religion?

Is Francis a misled or a misleading Church Leader? In the video below,  he is learning the Satan hand sign. No wonder. During the Satanic 2. Vatican Concile, in the night of 28/29 June 1963,  a black mass was held at the Cappella Paolina in the Vatican, Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) being the ceremonial master. During that mass, Satan was proclaimed the head of the Catholic Church!!! Since then, no Pope har worn the Tiara – which is reserved for the head of the Church – now Satan.

How the “International Prussian Delegate” (Ratzinger) and Bishop Leo of Rome and a large audience swore to serve Lucifer in the Vatican during that unholy mess can be read in the Chiesa Viva No 451, 2012, pp.16-17 (Italian). I have just one word for it.

satan-in_vaticanOn June 29, 1972 (9. anniversary of the black mass) Pope Paul VI said, “I have the sensation that from some fissure the smoke of Satan has also entered into the Temple of God.” Pope Francis in 2013: Time to clear the smoke of Satan.
If he has made the smoke less or worse will be seen below.

The above  is the description by an Eye witness, brother Malachi Martin, in his book  “Windswept house – A Vatican Novel”,  pp. 7-20, Broadway Books – New York.
On p.  20 is stated: Words of the International Prussian Delegate who at the end of the Mass celebrated in the black Cappella Paolina, read the Law of Authorization:
“…Anyone who, in this Internal Chapel, will be nominated and elected as successor for the  Papal Office, will swear that he and  those whom  he will command will be the willing tools and collaborators of the Founders of the “House of Man on Earth” and all  of its cosmos of man … “.  Shortly before he had said, this  Internal Chapel had been “taken, possessed and appropriated by him, The One whom we have sworn is our  Lord and Commander of our human destiny (Lucifer).”

The New American 19 April 2015: Last July Francis stated, “This is our sin: exploiting the Earth,” while in November 2013, he published an apostolic exhortation that an economy based on such exploitation violates the fifth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” For a man who has declared himself unfit to judge the moral standing of sodomites, is it not ironic that he deems himself the arbiter of your carbon footprint?

This picture is from a terrible video – showing about the 5-8 min. mark Pope Benedict XVI´s  deacon´s Easter mass 2012. He masses vatican_-_christ-is-lucifer´s-son!!!repeatedly: Jesus is Lucifer´s son.

 And here in Latin



From denouncing free-market capitalism to calling for a one world religion and social justice by means of intrusive government expansion, Francis is doing much to merit the title “New World Pope” (Time Magazine 2013).
Christopher Ferrara, president of the American Catholic Lawyers Association:Francis’ green agenda makes it appear to the world that the Catholic Church “cares more about saving the rain forests than it does about saving souls.

I. The Gay network of the Vatican
HLast Pope webenry Makow 22 April 2015Leo Zagami (an alleged Illuminati insider) says a powerful gay network in the Vatican engages in pedophilia and Satanism and threatens to bring down the church.
Pope Benedict XVI resigned because of the power of this gay underground.
“The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, infiltrated by greedy Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Muslims in bed with the Vatican Gay Lobby, needs to end, or Pope Francis will be indeed, the last Pope.”

These scandals involve a powerful Vatican Gay Lobby, which is guided by two eminent figures:

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (1)Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (left, the Pink Pope) is one og them. Apparently in a Masonic show of fingers.

He is the ex-Secretary of State of the Vatican, and the other is Francesco Camaldo, who appears in Assange’s Wikileaks, with the nickname “Jessica,” a key asset of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Vatican homosexual circles since the early 80’s.

The Catholic Church, made of internal power struggles, and a variety of scandals that are consequences of a strong belief in Satanism amongst many of the clergy involved in homosexual activities, which often seem linked with the plague of pedophilia.

APave-benedict-satanstegn-thumb1ratzinger-kisss stated in The Guardian: A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

Cardinal Bertone is linked to the Academy of the Illuminati of Grand Master Giulian Di Bernardo.

II: Islam?
Another growing problem seems to be the secret expansion of the Islamic faith amongst the clergy, (especially the Jesuit one).

The Vicar of Anatolia, who died under mysterious circumstances in 2010, claimed that as many as 40 Vatican cardinals had secretly converted to Islam and were secretly reciting the Qur’an in the Vatican.

An Imam has prayed for victory over the infidels before the Pope during a peace prayer at the Vatican.  A speaker from Radio Vatikan has has confirmed  similar reports.


Part of the New World Order is pushing  the concept of a violent and  Islamic Caliphate being prepared with a planned Muslim expansion.

 III: Churches without connection with the teachings of Christ
Actually, Martin Luther  upheld the  sale of indulgences – even more fraudulently than Johan Tetzel: He made the baptism certificate a universal indulgence allowing people to live just as they please: Through his atonement death  on the cross Christ had once and for all obliterated all sins of those baptized!! Good deeds are without influence. Thus, Hitler and Stalin who were both baptized would be saved!!!
Thereby, Luther discarded the teachings of Christ of judgment acc. to deeds – as described in Matth. 25. Luther and his church became the  servant of the political system, accepting wars and injustice – while the Catholic Church left the teachings of Christ with Bishop Stephanus of Rome´s primacy demand (relative of Gajus Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus). He and his followers developed into temporal rulers, vying for power with kings and emperors – although Christ said his kingdom was not of this world. The Catholic Church burnt heretics and witches – and Luther´s church also burnt thousands of innocent “witches”

IV: Churches became empty rituals
Global Res. 12 April 2015:  In London’s great St Paul’s Cathedral a ceremony of thanks to the 220,000 British troops who had served in Afghanistan was held

The service included the Archbishop of Canterbury’s public thanks to those who had served, the most bizarre part of the service. A cross made from used shell casings, mounted on a 105mm shell case base, bearing the names of the British dead, was borne through the Cathedral by representatives of the Army, Navy and Air Force and presented at the Altar for the Archbishops’s blessing and dedication. The cross, made from shells which had ended lives, mired in flesh and blood was dedicated:

To the greater glory of God. And in thanksgiving for lives well lived. And good examples set. A military parade and fly past followed.
Archbishop Welby, with Archbishop Sentamu had another military related occasion in the last weeks. They signed a “corporate covenant” with the armed forces in an: “expression of moral obligation that the government and the nation owe the Armed Forces Community.

We have come a long way from “Thou shalt not kill”, “love they neighbor” and “do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

The Guardian 18 Sept. 2014: The archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to having doubts about the existence of God. See Christian News 23 March 2015, too.
Later in the interview, Welby said he was certain, however, about the existence of Jesus, even talking about his presence beside him.
Comment: Lack of logics: Jesus said he is God´s son and just therefore he rose from the dead  – and only therefore, he can be with the Archbishop in spirit. Without God – no living Jesus.

V: Churches ended up as NWO one religion churches
a) I have previously written about how some Churches became Gaia churches – preaching to save the climate through keeping atmospheric CO2 below a completely unfounded level of 350 parts per million.
Saving souls does not seem to be Franis´errand. All the more he cares for mass immigrating Muslim boat people, which he calls “our brethren and sisters,  although they must persecute and murder Christians (anf thus Christ) everywhere, according to their Koran. Francis  is in conformity with the  NWO as for having the white, Christian breed committing suicide through Muslim mass immigration (Coudenhove-Khalergi and Nicolas Sarkozy).

church-of-england-allahIn London a Church of England vicar celebrates combined Muslim/”Christian” services.
Luther-rosenkreuzerLuther was a   Rosicrucian 
–  forerunners  of Masonry  through the Jesuits for the greater glory of Lucifer. Right Luther´s logo.

b) The popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Francis I are pursuing an NWO one world religion which they call Interfaith. For 2 days the pope prays to the one and only god alongside with leaders of all the world´s religions. For in sick papal minds different religions just have different names for the same one god. That the logics is missing makes no difference for this primitive ideology: e.g. How can the father of Jesus Christ be sonless Allah, who will kill all that say he has a son (sura 9:5) – and how can the Hindu godheads be explained as one God?
Last Whitsun, Shimon Peres asked the pope to lead a one world religion (Conscious Reporter 14 March 2015)

interfaithc) “radically inclusive” churches that embrace all religions and all lifestyles are starting to pop up.

Michael Snyder Infowars 25 March 2015:   “Church services that incorporate elements of Hinduism, Islam, native American religions and even Wicca are becoming increasingly common. And even if you don’t believe anything at all, that is okay with these churches too.

Ibring-your-own-godn fact, as you will see below, one Presbyterian minister in Oregon is even inviting people to“bring their own god” to church.

One such church that has gotten quite a bit of attention lately is led by D.E. Paulk. These days he leads worship at a church that recognizes “all gods and prophets, including Mohammed“.
The Spirit and Truth Sanctuary
, which D.E. founded in 2012, welcomes everyone from Wiccans to atheists, Hindus to Muslims, recognizing all gods and prophets, including Mohammed.

After much soul searching, D.E. established his church based around one principle: ‘Christ cannot be, and will not be, restricted to Christianity‘.
Paulk insists that there is “no hell. Pictures of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi adorn the walls.

truth-sanctuaryA stained glass window looming over the pulpit captures the spirit of the church. It’s a design that contains a Christian cross, ringed by symbols from Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. In the middle is a dove, which symbolizes the spirit of peace that binds them all together. (Islam – jihad – peace???)

A CNN reporter saw a group of singers taking to the stage and opening with a hypnotic Tibetan Buddhist chant that evoked the spirit of compassion: “Om Mani Padme Hum.”

The chant segued into “Shanti, Shanti Om,” a Hindu prayer for peace. Then as the chanting grew louder, the drums and bass kicked in as the singers switched to a Muslim chant about the sovereignty of Allah: “La ilaha, Il Allah.”

CNN journalist: I am a “seeker.” A constant seeker within this world, among people and, of course, for spiritual enlightenment of all kind. Because if I did possess the truth — the “final answer” — I am convinced I would spend the rest of my years missing out on the enrichment and surprise of seeking it.  Most people end up believing exactly what they want to believe.

Of course there are thousands upon thousands of Christian ministers all over the nation that want the same thing. These churches never use the word “sin” because they want people to feel good about themselves. And they never talk about anything controversial because they want people to keep coming back and they want the donations to keep rolling in. So they preach messages about how wonderful everyone is and about how God wants to help all of us “achieve our destinies” and make all of us very wealthy.

But meanwhile our nation continues to swirl even farther down the toilet.”

The more insane, the better. Lie is Truthj in the NWO – which has completely substituted the teachings of Christ for politics to fool the masses. The cores of all religions will disappear in the Antichristian papal melting pot  – and only the pharisaic/Talmudic master race philosophy will prevail to rule the Goyim, the cattle, can prevail against this dirty water. Thet will rule us  by the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion  – which they are tirelessly doing..


Wars, False Flags, Militant Terrorism Are Just Show Business That Fools Play Along With?

Fake CNN Green ScreenWars, False Flags, Militant Terrorism Are Just Show Business That Fools Play Along With?

By Jack Allen

I believe that if you are still watching TV, movies, listening to the radio or watching Youtube videos that come from the mainstream media and you don’t know your being feed every second with propaganda, then you are a fool. I mean, it is in your face that controlled media are following an evil agenda to manipulate you so you play along with their game. Some times a movie like
Wag The Dog from 1997 staring
Robert De Niro,
Anne Heche,
Dustin Hoffman,
Kirsten Dunst,
Woody Harrelson,
William H. Macy,
Denis Leary,
Barry Levinson,
Willie Nelson, Michael Belson, Jason Cottle, Suzanne Cryer, John Michael Higgins, David Koechner, Andrea Martin and Suzie Plakson tells you the truth about how it is done. How many times can you watch CNN with all their green screen fails and still blindly play along? I don’t watch TV any longer and I certainly don’t get my news from controlled media like AP, Reuters, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest because it is mostly lies there with some occasional truth. You really need to look beyond anything you see or hear and don’t buy it at first glance. If the evil creeps that control the puppet politicians want a war, take your rights away or steal your money and property all they have to do is tell their puppets they control in the government and the media to push a narrative and it is done. Not everyone in the government and media needs to know what is really going on, they are paid to follow the script and are just reading the lines. If they do wake up to the truth they will be discredited, replaced, suicided or there is a convenient accident. Related videos below.
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Ellen DeGeneres Does Blatant Propaganda For Crazy Obamacare Tax Scheme

Ellen Sucks Up to Obama: Obamacare ‘Doing Very, Very Well…I Think Everyone’s Very Grateful You Did This’

Ellen DeGeneres was a completely slavish toady to President Obama as he appeared on her show to sell Obamacare — not to young people, but to mothers.

The president made his pitch to “especially all the moms out there who may have young people – 26, 27, do not have health insurance, but they think they’re invincible and nothing’s ever going to happen to ‘em – what we’ve said is you never know what life is going to throw at ya.”  For example, a president who lies about keeping your plan and keeping your doctor. You didn’t see that coming! But DeGeneres said “everyone’s very grateful” for Obamacare:

DEGENERES: It’s doing very, very well…you’ve got 5 million people signed up so far. [Applause] An enormous number of people have signed up, so it’s successful….Well, for people who are starting to applaud here, I think everyone’s very grateful that you did this. And I think it is important for people to sign up. It’s just better to be covered. You just never know.

DeGeneres did ask a question for all the uninformed people: Why does enrollment have to stop at the end of March? Can’t there be an ongoing enrollment? Obama had to explain that’s not how insurance companies work. The Ellen show’s website pitched the upcoming interview in complete North Korean propagandize about our Fearless And Brilliant Leader:

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA will be talking to our host from the White House, and Ellen is ready to entertain her VIP guest with an inspiring conversation. Both Pres. Obama and our host have proven their dance moves, their desire for good, and their Twitter skills. Now the leader of the free world, and the champion of comedy will get into the President’s new health care initiative. From L.A. to D.C., Ellen rolls out the red carpet for the United States’ fearless and brilliant head of state!

Obama once again insisted that twentysomethings can sign up for “100 dollars a month or less, in some cases, less than your cellphone bill or your cable bill.” Then he returned to the usual banter about how “There’s no dancing in the Situation Room,” and most of his day is sitting around in rooms with people in gray suits and it’s not great TV.

Media outlets are picking up on the other banter, like Obama joking about Ellen’s Oscar “selfie” outdoing his re-election “hug tweet” with Michelle on Twitter:  “I heard about that. I thought it was a pretty cheap stunt myself. Getting a bunch of celebrities in the background.” Read More
Video: Why Young People Are Saying ‘No’ To ObamaCare

Young America’s Foundation’s Ashley Pratte and FOXBusiness.com reporter Kate Rogers on the White House struggling to get young people to enroll in ObamaCare.
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Alex Jones talks to radio host and author Riley Martin about the vast nature of reality and how it is not just limited to what we experience on a typical day. Plus, Riley shares his take on Obamacare and the geopolitical situation.

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Sellout Jimmy Fallon Pushes Obama Propaganda During His 1st Week After Replacing #1 Jay Leno

Jimmy Fallon Obama Propaganda on the Tonight Show Exposed: Show Serves as Tool of EstablishmentAn Epic Fail Jimmy Fallon Pushes Obama Propaganda During His 1st Week Replacing #1 Jay Leno. Opinion By Mark Dice: Jimmy Fallon Obama Propaganda on the Tonight Show Exposed:

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Disgraceful MSNBC & Rachel Maddow Get Caught Framing Our Vet’s With Lies & Edited Video

MSNBC Edits Video to Frame Veterans … However, in Rachel Maddow’s segment covering the protest, only two-thirds of the video was shown.

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