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Time For Barack Obama To Take A Perp Walk For Committing The Biggest Fraud In History?

Wayne Allyn Root: Forget impeachment, it’s time for criminal prosecution. Obamacare isn’t about incompetence and it isn’t about political disagreement. It’s about a trillion dollar fraud, carried out by the President of the United States.

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Dr. Vieira: What is the actual history and purpose of the Second Amendment???

What is the actual history and purpose of the Second Amendment? A growing number of gun control advocates insist that this key constitutional provision was not intended to protect an individual right of firearms ownership, but instead was intended to provide for the regulation of a government-controlled militia. People who espouse that view generally insist that the role of the militia is now carried out by the National Guard, or even by the police — and that the “right of the people” referred to in the Second Amendment has nothing to do with private firearms ownership.

Is there any truth to that claim? What was the “militia” referred to in the Second Amendment? We’ll discuss these questions with historian and legal Dr. Edwin Vieria. Dr. Vieira holds four degrees from Havard, including a Ph.D. from Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. He has practiced law for three decades, focusing chiefly on constitutional issues. He has successfully argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, including the lawsuit that led to the landmark ruling in Communications Workers v. Beck, which established the principle that unions could not force workers to pay dues to support political causes that they oppose. We are honored to have Dr. Vieira join us today.
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Opinion: Alex Jones & Joseph Farah: Obama’s Accelerated Path to Destruction – Civil War???

Alex Jones will have founder, editor and CEO of WND Joseph Farah to discuss several of the points Obama made in his State of the Union speech, the latest “watergate,” and the complete economic takeover of the country.

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