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False Flag! WTF? Where Were The Ambulances? The Fog Of Breaking News In Orlando Shooting

Where Were The Ambulances?False Flag! WTF? Where Were The Ambulances? The Fog of Breaking News in Orlando Shooting

Orlando Shooting – EXPOSED!!! (False Flag Event)


Orlando lgbt shooting proof of false flag event. Watch as mom reads script. Pauses to look down


America On The Brink Of Civil War!!!!!!!

This video shows how the U.S. may be nearing war, without most people knowing.

Music free version of video is below: America – On The Brink Of Civil War (NO MUSIC)

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Just Get A Whistle Ladies – Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar Controversial Rape Comment & Anti-Gun Rights Agenda…

Lawmaker Try To Defends Gun Control Agenda With Controversial Rape Comment

Rep. Joe Salazar said college women shouldn’t carry guns because they might shoot people who are not trying to attack them. Tags: salazar, guns, women guns, gun control, joe salazar, rape comment, salazar rape comment, college campus gun, gun rights, politics news, News