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The Killer In Chief: Drone Man Obama Was No Peace Prize To The World

DroneManObamaDove’ Obama beats ‘hawk’ Bush in number of bombed states
While some criticize Barack Obama for his lack of military action in Syria, the war record of his presidency proves quite the opposite. RT’s Gayane Chichakyan explains.

Obama: Serial Killer or Mass Murderer?

By Goon Squad

“The executive branch continues to claim the right to kill anyone, anywhere on Earth, at any time, for secret reasons, based on secret evidence, in a secret process, undertaken by unidentified officials. I refuse to support this policy of unaccountable killing.”

Army Chaplain Christopher John Antal

You decide which category the world’s leading murderer–for now–of the 21st Century fits into.

At first glance, Obama seems to fit in the Mass Murderer definition, as he is personally responsible for the violent and needless deaths of over several million Iraqi’s, Syrians and Libyans, not to mention Iraqi’s, Pakistani’s, Afghans and Yemeni’s.
And as his murderous rampages in Syria and Libya proved, he is more than capable of killing numerous victims.

Dictionary of the English Language: mass murderer

1. A person, especially a political or military leader, who is responsible for the deaths of many individuals. 2. a. A person who kills several or numerous victims in a single incident.

Or is Obama a serial killer, deriving some type of sick psychological satisfaction from the murders of over one million Iraqi’s, Syrians and Libyans, most of whom are Muslims. Maybe that psychological basket case and drunk from Chicago derives some type of sexual gratification from watching the Pentagon news clips fed into his White House lair, showing Muslims men, women and children getting blown apart by Pentagon death dealers?

Or maybe Obama was missing the company of his Chicago boys, who turned this Ghetto punk into a world-class slime ball?

And maybe Obama is actually married to a ‘tranny’ and is tiring of rectal sex and taking out his frustration on the Arabic world?

Why shed your own blood from a torn rectum when you can shed the blood of millions of others?

Kinda of a perverse menstrual envy.

Obama gets Pentagon snuff films that can give him that unholy release by watching the death spiral of others.

‘Serial Killer’

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people with a “cooling off” period between each murder and whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification.[1] One hypothesis is that all serial killers suffer from some form of Antisocial Personality Disorder.[2] They are usually not psychotic, and thus may appear to be quite normal and often even charming, a state of adaptation which Hervey Cleckley calls the “mask of sanity.” There is sometimes a sexual element to the murders. The murders may have been completed/attempted in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common, for example occupation, race, or sex.

My vote is to classify that thing in the White House as both a Mass Murderer and a Serial Killer.

It’s been reported, now YOU decide.

Whatever the call, Obama will go on living like royalty after he leaves the WH. The Obama’s will be renting a nine bedroom, 8.5 bath mansion in DC for $22,000 per month.

That’s for beginners. There will also be money for maids–you don’t think they’ll actually do any housework, do you?–a chef, butler, chauffeur, etc. Utilities, and the monthly payment on some huge Mercedes limo. Plus monthly spending money to visit the finest DC eatery’s. And what not.

So add in another 30K or so a month to bring up the monthly minimum King Obama needs to live on to over 50,000 dollars a month. Wonder how he’ll pay for that when his POTUS pension is only 200 K a year?

Boehner Is Now An Accessory To Obama’s Crimes For Not Impeaching Him, Just Providing Right Cover?

Boehner Is Now An Accessory To Obama's Crimes For Not Impeaching Him, Just Providing Right Cover?
Boehner Is Now An Accessory To Obama’s Crimes For Not Impeaching Him, Just Providing Right Cover?

Talk of impeachment was cooked up by a White House desperate for something to rally Democrats ahead of November’s elections, House Speaker John A. Boehner said Tuesday, flatly ruling out any action on the controversial suggestion. What is your opinion? Do we Impeach?

Watch The Watchers Using The Same Tools – Latest Spy Gear And Video Drones

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Is Obama Worthy Of A Peace Prize? Did MSNBC Play Race Card & Ignore Obama’s Drone Killings?

Video 1: Wow, Obama’s Spokesperson Still Thinks Barack Is Worthy Of A Peace Prize. Stop The Drone Killings Of Innocent Civilians In The American People’s Name.

Video 2: MSNBC Plays Race Card: Ignores Obama’s Drone Killings. Alex Jones is joined by former minister of information for the original Black Panther Party to respond to the accusations of Alex Jones and Infowars being “Racist” by NBC.


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Viral Video: Epic Rant: Clare Daly in Irish Parliament: Obama Is A “War Criminal” & “Hypocrite Of The Century”

Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament.

Shorter Version Below

Clare Daly in Irish Parliament: https://twitter.com/ClareDalyTD
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