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Forced Multiculturalism At Work? Caught On Video – Woman Kicked Down Stairs By Thug In Berlin, Germany

Forced Multiculturalism At Work? Caught On Video – Woman Kicked Down Stairs By Thug In Berlin, Germany

Opinion By Jack Allen

A woman was kicked down a flight of stairs by a thug in Berlin, Germany. The 26-year-old woman was hospitalized and is now helping police with their inquiries. German police only released the footage this week.

Are these thugs Mossad agents playing Muslims? We should always remember Mossad, Israel and Satanic Zionists did 9/11. This is what these evil freaks do to cause division and get people to fight and die for their Satanic Agenda.

The controlled Zionist media teaches you who you should hate for the Zionist agenda as well.

If these criminal thugs were Muslims or migrants that should also be blamed on Satanic Zionists and their pushing of open borders for all white Christian nations. Satanic Zionists have a war on white Christians.

The crime is still under investigation. Let’s hope and pray that these evil spineless thugs go away for a very long time.

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Caught On Video: Man In India Hit by Delivery Truck, Hundreds Pass By Him And Do Nothing


‘A man was left to die on the side of the road in India after being hit by a delivery truck, despite being passed by hundreds of people – including a police vehicle. The only person who stopped, a rickshaw driver, ignored the man and stole his phone.

CCTV footage shows that the man – identified only as “Matibool” – was struck by the speeding delivery truck at 5:40 am on Wednesday as he was walking home from an overnight shift as a security guard.’

The impact caused the man to fly through the air and land in a nearby gutter.

Although the driver of the truck is seen initially getting out of his vehicle, he then decides to drive away.

As Matibool lays severely injured and bleeding, he is passed by 140 cars, 82 rickshaws, 181 bikers, and 45 pedestrians. He is even passed by an emergency response van used by Delhi police.

Finally, a rickshaw driver approaches Matibool – but instead of helping him, the man steals his cellphone and leaves.

After the injured man had been laying in the gutter for 30 minutes, a friend finally walks by and alerts police.

Unfortunately, it took the response team 40 minutes to reach Matibool, and he died on the way to the hospital.

Police have identified and detained the driver of the delivery truck, according to NDTV. They are still searching for the rickshaw driver that stole the cellphone.

Matibool came to Delhi from Bengal 10 years ago. He drove a rickshaw during the day and worked as a security guard at night. He was the father of two sons and two daughters.

“He used to walk by this spot everyday on his way home, and stop for a cup of tea,” a shop owner who knew Matibool told NDTV.

On Thursday, one day after Matibool’s death, Delhi’s government announced plans for an “incentive scheme” that would reward those who bring accident victims to hospitals.

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Trampling On A Fiery American Flag Outside The DNC Backfires For A Tranny Protester

Protestor Set On Fire At The DNCCheck this out: the liberal loons outside of the Democratic Convention thought it would be a great idea to set fire to and trample on an American flag. What happened next can only be described as “justice.”

Caught On Video: Man Sets Hospital Ward On Fire In Horrific Attack, Three Dead – Shocking Video

5798e1d5c361882b5c8b4628‘The horrific moment a man set a hospital ward ablaze in an attack on another patient, killing three including himself, has been caught on CCTV.

The shocking incident involved an apparently furious dialysis patient at a private hospital in Albania. The video shows him walking calmly into the ward, where four people are receiving treatment, before dousing a male patient with gasoline.

A scuffle ensues before the perpetrator ignites the fluid, causing an explosion and engulfing the room in flames.’

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Caught On Video: Shocking Shooting At Dallas Love Airport Field Baggage Claim

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.28.26 PMCaught On Video: Shocking Shooting At Dallas Love Field Baggage Claim
Shooting has taken place in the baggage claim area of the Dallas Love Field airport in Dallas, Texas. A smartphone video that captured the shooting shows a security officer at the airport pointing his gun after gunshots can be heard firing.

A police officer shot a man outside the baggage claim area of the Dallas Love Field airport in Dallas, Texas.
The shooting was first reported at the airport on Twitter around 12:15 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

A smartphone video that captured the shooting shows a police officer at the airport pointing his gun after gunshots can be heard firing.

“Get down!” the man shouted repeatedly with his weapon pointed.

The Dallas Police Department said that the incident began as a domestic violence situation where a man assaulted a woman, causing an officer to intervene, according to a local reporter.

The man reportedly charged the officer with a rock in hand. Witnesses told WFAA that the man shouted “shoot me, shoot me” to the officer. He was taken to hospital for treating his wounds.

A woman was reportedly trampled in the commotion following the gunshots.

NBC 7 San Diego reported that one person was taken to the hospital.

A car’s windows were reported to be shot out during the incident.

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Caught On Video: Meteor Over Arizona – Intense Flash With Loud Bang

Caught On Video: Meteor over Arizona - Intense Flash With Loud BangArizona meteor: First video of intense flash over US night skies

A meteor flared across the sky over Phoenix, Arizona Thursday morning, reportedly waking many residents from their slumber with the sound of a loud bang as it passed.

PG Viewers: Meteor over Arizona. 02 June 2016 on I40 headed east.

Neighbors Of IRS-Gate’s Lois Lerner Refused To Let Her In Their Home When Press Wanted Answers

Lois Lerner tries busting into neighbor's home to avoid questions
Lois Lerner tries busting into neighbor’s home to avoid questions

By Jason Mattera

Wild Video: Neighbors Of Disgraced IRS’s Lois Lerner Refused To Let Her In Their Home After Press Wanted Answers

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Shocking Video: Telsa Car Chase Ends With The Car Split In Two And Shooting Flames



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With GM recalling virtually every car it has made since emerging from bankruptcy, another maker of flaming paperweights has quietly managed to slip through the cracks of public attention. So it was perhaps well-timed, if only for GM, that over the weekend we not only learned, but saw footage, of what happens when a Tesla is involved in a Police chase that results in a lamp post crash. Nothing short of complete obliteration.

As KTLA reported, “a stolen Tesla involved in a fiery crash split into two following a pursuit that ended in West Hollywood early Friday, leaving seven people injured, police said. The incident began when police received a call from a Tesla dealership stating that an individual was “tampering or messing with” one of the vehicles, according to Sgt. Campbell with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division.  Officers responded to the dealership and a pursuit began at about 12:45 a.m., Campbell said.

The good news, if only for Tesla car snatchers, “during the pursuit, the Tesla reached speeds of up to 100 mph. Also: better than a Bronco for aspiring wife murderers.

However, the car chase was not to last: the pursuit ended on La Brea Avenue between Fountain and Lexington avenues a short time later when the driver of the Tesla hit two other cars and a lamp post, Campbell said.

A witness told KTLA that the Tesla hit the pole and split in half, and that part of the vehicle landed on top of a white car.

“There were fires after that that broke out,” Eric Martinez said. “I saw the firefighters — like 25 firefighters – standing around the white car with the Jaws of Life.” Martinez added that at one point, explosions could be heard.

“We originally thought it was fireworks. Everybody thought it was fireworks that were just exploding,” he said.

And there you have another marketing opportunity: Optional fireworks flaming end: $995.99 extra.

The Tesla sure did not go quietly: in total, the Tesla collided with four vehicles, injuring a total of 6 victims, before splitting in two, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

But the best news for the flaming paperweight: not even the driver managed to die.

The man driving the Tesla — who was ejected from the vehicle — was originally thought to have died, but he was resuscitated while en route to a hospital, according to a Sheriff’s Department news release.

Two LAPD officers were injured during the pursuit when their vehicle hit the center divider, according to LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh.

The officers complained of pain and were taken to a local hospital, Borihanh said, adding that they were later released and did not sustain injuries.

And of course, as Bloomberg followed up, Tesla Motos, Inc. seemingly unable to grasp how its car could i) split in two and ii) proceed to explode in a fiery wreck, has said it wants to study the remnants of a stolen Model S sedan that split in half and burned after a high-speed chase and collision in Los Angeles.

“We’ve asked to take a look at the vehicle as soon as that’s possible,” Simon Sproule, a company spokesman, said in a phone interview. “There aren’t so many S’s involved in major crashes, and certainly not quite like this one, so we absolutely want to have a look to understand what happened.”

Indeed, a post mortem investigation is probably not a bad idea. And furthermore, if anything, recalling all those tens of thousands of Model S cars sold is probably not such a bad idea. After all just look at GM – after admitting its work product was absolutely abysmal, and the company didn’t care about the lives of its customers if it meant higher EPS, resulting in nearly 30 million recalls in 6 months, GM managed to sell more cars in June than any time since Lehman. It almost appears as if Americans, bored with their lives, and certainly the stock market, are eager to experience the excitement of a violent, flaming death.

As for the Tesla, a clip of what happened is below.

Shockingly Clueless, Gullible People In San Diego Respond To Offbeat Obama Stories

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.40.43 AMDumb And Dumber Or Just Plain Clueless? Californians Respond To Fake Obama News.

Mark Dice teams up with Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange to test just how gullible people are in San Diego, California by insinuating insane things are true and asking for people’s reactions to this “news.”

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Guy At Super Bowl Press Conference Grabs Microphone And Says INVESTIGATE 9/11

Super Bowl - Guy Grabs Microphone And Says INVESTIGATE 9/11
Super Bowl – Guy Grabs Microphone And Says INVESTIGATE 9/11
Caught On Video: Guy At Super Bowl Press Conference Grabs Microphone And Says INVESTIGATE 9/11

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