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Obama’s Clean Drone Killing? Guidelines for killing US citizens stir outrage

Since the recent leaking of a secretive white paper that explains the White House’s policy on extrajudicial executions, the issue of unmanned man drones has flooded the mainstream media. According to the document, the president can order a drone strike on American citizens with no evidence or justification of a crime or connection to terrorists. But why after a decade of the drone program is it getting much more attention? Stanley Cohen, an international human rights lawyer, sounds off on the topic.Tags: Drones, Obama The Drone Killer, International Law, Crimes Against Humanity, Barack Obama, Impeachment, killing US citizens, news, Big Brother

Anti-2nd Amendment Michael Moore Addresses Bodyguard with Illegal Gun….

Luke Rudkowski asks Michael Moore about the articles that have recently rehashed claiming that he had a body guard who was arrested in NYC for illegally carrying a gun. The story has gained recently momentum again as Moore has been calling for stricter gun control in light of the Newtown school shootings.

America owes communists $1.2 Trillion… Up 257% Under Obama

Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Gov’t Debt Hit Record $1,696,691,000,000; Up 257% Under Obama

( – In data released Thursday afternoon, the Federal Reserve revealed that its holdings of U.S. government debt had increased to an all-time record of $1,696,691,000,000 as of the close of business on Wednesday.

The Fed’s holdings of U.S. government debt have increased by 257 percent since President Barack Obama was first inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009, and the Fed is currently the single largest holder of U.S. government debt.

As of the end of November, according to the U.S. Treasury, entities in Mainland China owned about $1,170,100,000,000 in U.S. government debt, making China the largest foreign holder of U.S. government debt.

When Obama was inaugurated in 2009, the Fed owned $475.322 billion in U.S. government debt. As of the close of business on Wednesday, Jan. 23, the Fed owned $1.696691 trillion in U.S. government debt, up $1.221369 trillion during Obama’s first term.

Since Obama has been president, the publicly held portion of the U.S. government debt (as opposed to the “intragovernmental” deb the government has borrowed from federal trust funds such as the Social Security Trust Fund) has increased by $5,264,245,866,257.40. The $1.221369 in additional U.S. government debt the Fed has purchased during Obama’s presidency equals 23 percent of all the new publicly held debt the Treasury has issued during that time.

via Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Gov’t Debt Hit Record $1,696,691,000,000; Up 257% Under Obama | CNS News.Tags: China, news, debt, Selling Out America

Rep. McDermott can’t explain why health-care premiums are going up when the Dems promised they would go down

Rep. Jim McDermott, the “Cock Brothers,” and rising health-care premiums

Rep. McDermott can’t explain why health-care premiums are going up when his Party promised they would go down. So instead he deflects attention by insulting right-leaning donors.Tags: Rep. Jim McDermott, Obamacare, Marxist, Socialist Democrats, Democrats, Socialized Medicine, Big Brother

Ben Swann – Full Disclosure Pilot – What You Need To Know

BenSwannBen Swann – Full Disclosure Pilot – Who Is Profiting From Your Lack Of Freedom?

Video Not Currently Available: Alternative Videos Below. Tags: Ben Swann, Full Disclosure, Pilot, news, Big Brother

You Are Being Watched: How Raytheon software tracks you online

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 6.32.26 PMHow Raytheon software tracks you online – video

In this video obtained by the Guardian, Raytheon’s ‘principal investigator’ Brian Urch explains how the Rapid Information Overlay Technology (Riot) software uses photographs on social networks. These images sometimes contain latitude and longitude details – automatically embedded by smartphones within so-called ‘exif header data’. Riot pulls out this information, analysing not only the photographs posted by individuals, but also the location where these images were taken. – Please Visit Source – Tags: Big Brother, news, Raytheon software ,tracks you, Facebook, Twitter

Rep. Tom Cotton Slams AWOL Obama: “A Complete Failure of Leadership”

Freshman Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a former captain in the Army, slammed president Obama today for going AWOL as US personnel were being slaughtered in Benghazi. Cotton obliterated the Obama Administration on his disinterest in the situation in Benghazi on 9-11.

Manhunt for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner drags on in the mountains

Dorner's problems at the LAPD played out without public notice more than four years ago, as the department gradually emerged from federal oversight following a corruption scandal. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared, "this is no longer your father's

The search continues throughout Southern California for 33-year-old triple murder suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner, who authorities say is bent on revenge for having been fired from the L-A Police Department. He's suspected of ambushing two Riverside

As SWAT teams scour the California wilderness in search of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner, shock and anger is bubbling over tweets praising the alleged murderer as a hero for addressing the purported corruption and racism of the LAPD. As the former

Charlie Sheen wants to do his part to bring ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner into custody safely so he's recorded a video plea asking the wanted…

Officials in particular will re-examine the allegations by Christopher Dorner, 33, that his law enforcement career was undone by racist colleagues, Police Chief Charlie Beck said. While he promised to hear out Dorner if he surrenders, Beck stressed

Voter Fraud For Obama: HA HA! Ohio Election Official: ‘I Voted Twice for Obama’…

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 8.40.40 PM

HA HA! Ohio Election Official: 'I Voted Twice for Obama'...