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James O’Keefe: How To Cross The US Border With Ebola – Homeland Security Is Here To Enslave Americans To The Globalists

Investigated Reporter James O'Keefe: How To Cross The Us Border With Ebola
Investigative Reporter James O’Keefe: How To Cross The Us Border With Ebola

Investigative Reporter James O’Keefe joins Alex to discuss his recent report on how easy and unguarded the US Canada and Us Mexico Border is.How anyone especially ISIS can just walk or boat in with chemical warfare and know one even notices.

Breakthrough – James O’keefe

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Black Mob Uses MICHAEL BROWN As An Excuse To Attack A White Marine


Police refuse to treat incident as a hate crime

White Marine Beaten by Black Mob in Michael Brown 'Revenge' Attack

Image Credits: Right Side News

A white Marine was left in an induced coma after a group of black men brutally beat him as part of a revenge attack in response to the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.


The incident began at West Point Waffle House in Mississippi on Saturday morning at around 1am. With his friend Ralph Weems already inside the restaurant, David Knighten was approached outside by another diner who told him they should leave because a group of black men were “upset by the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and it wasn’t a safe place for whites,” Knighten told the Associated Press.

When Knighten entered the diner, he found 32-year-old Iraq war veteran Weems already engaged in a heated argument with the group of black men. The police were called and Knighten and Weems left and headed for a Huddle House restaurant on the way to Weems’ house.

However, after apparently having been followed by a mob of 20 men, Knighten exited the restroom to find Weems surrounded. After a security guard asked everyone to leave, Knighten was blocked from getting out of the restaurant but when he was eventually able to exit he witnessed Weems down on the ground being beaten.

Knighten, who served with the Air Force in Afghanistan, was also attacked, suffering broken bones in his face, a blood clot in his right eye and a cut over his left eye. While Weems was being beaten, Knighten heard “racial slurs” being yelled by the crowd.

Police were called to the scene at 2am but the mob had already left. Despite the context of the argument and the yelling of racial slurs, Police Chief Tim Brinkley said the incident wasn’t being treated as a hate crime.

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“This does not appear to be a hate crime,” Brinkley said in the press release. “We are investigating this as an aggravated assault. It’s very early in this investigation but thus far the evidence and statements suggest that a verbal altercation turned physical and somebody got hurt.”

Weems received life threatening injuries and had to be put in a medically induced coma following brain surgery at North Mississippi Medical Center.

The fact that the beating isn’t being treated as a hate crime despite it clearly having racial connotations will anger many who have expressed concerns that black on white crime is being downplayed in the name of political correctness.

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“To imagine how insane that statement is, just reverse “Black” and “White” in the story above, and imagine how quickly Al Sharpton and Eric Holder would be on a plane to Mississippi. This is just despicable,” writes Jason DeWitt.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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World Wars Change Things, ISIS Will Be Used To Start WW3 To Finalize The One World Police State?

WarWorld Wars Change Things, ISIS Will Be Used To Start WW3 To Finalize The One World Police State?

By David Icke

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Paid Mercenaries Against American Citizens? Alarming, Special Ops Deployed to Ferguson

BREAKING: Special Ops Deployed to FergusonThe events in Ferguson, Missouri are a harbinger of things to come. In addition to the deployment of National Guard troops and the heavy militarization of local and federal law enforcement agents in the area, it looks like private special operations contractors with experience in middle east war zones have been asked to help.

Their mission is not clear and no one in any official government capacity is saying anything. But according to a tweet from Asymmetric Solutions on Tuesday, private contractors have been requested in the Feguson/St. Louis area. The company is a division of Applied Defense Technologies, which employs ex-special operations members like Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Delta Force operatives, often to high-risk theaters of war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The FED, Central Banks Have Enslaved The World With An Evil NWO Police State & Debt Slavery

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.36.33 AM


By James Corbett

James Corbett, investigative journalist, writer, filmmaker, prolific truth teller. 

Video: Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

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Illuminati Expert: Dark Secrets Exposed – Evil Globalists Want To Rule The World

Alex Jones talks with Illuminati expert, Fritz Springmeier about what he has discovered over his many years of research.


Is there really such a thing as coincidence? Is there a secret government manipulating events from behind the scenes? Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse preparing to ride? Is the United States headed for destruction? Will the Antichrist be revealed in 2012? Author William Fevers lifts the veil on the most diabolical conspiracy in history and exposes: the occult significance of 9/11, the truth about extraterrestrials, the secrets of Bohemian Grove, the real assassins of JFK and John Lennon, the Satanic roots of rock ‘n roll, and other startling revelations to shake you awake and see the world through new eyes! There’s a signpost up ahead. Your next stop – The Illuminati Zone!

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MO Governor Jay Nixon Declares State of Emergency, Martial Law Declared In Ferguson

BREAKING! Martial Law Declared In Ferguson, MOMissouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and has implemented a curfew in Ferguson.

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Video: MO Governor Jay Nixon Declares State of Emergency in Ferguson

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Soros’ SorosRats? Globalist Democrat Controlled US Media Won’t Say Why Rick Perry Was Indicted?


By Alex Jones

This is way over the top. To watch the media not tell the public why Texas Governor Rick Perry went after the crazy DA is wild. The system is mad because Perry wants to control the border.


Shocking Video After DUI Arrest

When America Bankrupts What Happens To You?
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This is political persecution and is a danger to all who wish to live in a free society. NPR and other democratically funded media outlets are leaving out key information as to the actions that led to this leftist led indictment.
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Rick Perry refused to fund the office of the Travis County DA after the she was caught driving under the influence back in 2013. This public servant refused to step down after pleading guilty to DWI. How can a DA possibly be expected to uphold the law when they do not follow it.
Infowars has been very critical of Rick Perry in the past, but this is clear case overpaid public servants on a witch hunt.
Video: George Soros: Freak Nazi Collaborator
Alex Jones covers how George Soros publicly admitted on 60 minutes that as a young boy he was a top agent in major cities and that he knew how to find where Jews were hiding, and he would gain their trust and then set them up and steal everything they had, yet somehow he is still portrayed as a hero.
Alex also breaks down how the Democratic party, living in a false reality, pretends to be liberal and loving, while accusing everyone else of being racist, but they are literally just like the Grand Dragon Klu Klux Klan, quoting extremely racist statements from people like Lyndon B. Johnson and Margaret Sanger.

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James O’Keefe Talks About His Viral Video: Osama bin Laden Crosses Border From Mexico To US

Osama Bin Laden Spotted Crossing Border?
Osama Bin Laden Spotted Crossing Border?

Alex Jones talks with investigative journalist James O’Keefe about what the “average” person can do to fight back against the mainstream media.

Video:James O’Keefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US

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Brother Nathanael Who Grew Up Jewish Gives His Shocking Take On The Genocide And Holocaust In Gaza

How Zionist Agents Justify Genocide And The Holocaust In Gaza How Zionist Agents Justify Genocide And The Holocaust In Gaza

By Brother Nathanael

Brother Nathanael grew up Jewish and is now an Orthodox Christian. He is a self proclaimed Street Evangelist warning people of the dangers coming our way. Please note, opinions are by the video creators. What do you think, leave a comment below

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