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Alex Jones Takes On World Wrestling Entertainment – Body Slams Them for Demonizing The Tea Party

Alex Jones will confront World Wrestling Entertainment’s attempt to demonize Tea Party Americans and himself with their revamp of the Jack Swagger character as a xenophobic, Constitution-loving racist. Alex will also discuss the City of Los Angeles’ efforts to extort money from Infowars, accusing us for “illegally posted signs” despite the signs having no affiliation with our company and despite the fact that Infowars primarily operates out of Austin, Texas.Appliance Repair – We Fix It no matter who you bought it from! 877.670.7394. – Tags: World Wrestling Entertainment, Alex Jones, Tea Party, news, Offbeat, iTunes Podcast

Monsanto Challenged By 75-year-old Farmer In Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard the case of a small Indiana farmer versus the bio-tech giant Monsanto. In the case, a 75 year-old man is being accused of patent infringement by the company, but Vernon Bowman isn’t the only farmer Monsanto is pursuing legally; overall the seed giant has filed 144 lawsuits against 410 farmers, but do the little guys stand a chance against Monsanto? Here to discuss the ongoing battle against the bio-tech giant is Patty Lovera, assistant director for Food and Water Watch.

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Obama’s CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Does Not Believe in “Absolute Human Rights”?

Ben Swann Full Disclosure takes a look by CIA Director nominee John Brennan’s statements from the past about absolute human rights and his current role in coordinating U.S. drone strikes.

Full Disclosure: Does CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Not Believe in “Absolute Human Rights”
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Just Get A Whistle Ladies – Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar Controversial Rape Comment & Anti-Gun Rights Agenda…

Lawmaker Try To Defends Gun Control Agenda With Controversial Rape Comment

Rep. Joe Salazar said college women shouldn’t carry guns because they might shoot people who are not trying to attack them. Tags: salazar, guns, women guns, gun control, joe salazar, rape comment, salazar rape comment, college campus gun, gun rights, politics news, News

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes & Alex Jones: Americans Prepare for Civil Unrest with Record Ammo Sales..

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes joins Alex to consider the long train of abuses we now face, and that the founders also faced in the lead up to 1776. Could history repeat, and will globalists back off from their attack against humanity? Meanwhile, the gun control agenda is also moving forward, with multiple states introducing legislation to confiscate firearms and ban semi-automatic weapons, clips and ammo.

The close approach of the DA-14 asteroid causes a stir, as Russia recovers from an impact that injured hundreds and caused significant damage while the world examines its role in planning for the worst. Oath Keepers, founder, Stewart Rhodes, Alex Jones, Civil Unrest, Ammo Sales, news, Big Brother

Agenda 21- Designed to implode the western standard of living…..

Alex Jones examines how payroll tax increases and other measures are being used by design to contract the economy and implode the western standard of living, under Agenda 21. 1992 Rio conference head Maurice Strong made this clear when he stated, “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Tags: Alex Jones, Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, news, Big Brother

Opinion: Alex Jones & Joseph Farah: Obama’s Accelerated Path to Destruction – Civil War???

Alex Jones will have founder, editor and CEO of WND Joseph Farah to discuss several of the points Obama made in his State of the Union speech, the latest “watergate,” and the complete economic takeover of the country. Opinion, Alex Jones, Joseph Farah, Barack Obama, Gun Grabber, Socialist Takeover, Marxist Takeover, Communist, Big Brother

You Are being Watched – New Spy Software Can ‘Predict Future’

The US government’s stepping-up efforts to spy on its citizens – with a new defense software, able to predict people’s future behavior and locations. However, with the program only using data submitted voluntarily via social networks – the authorities emerge unscathed when it comes to claims of privacy violations – RT’s Gayane Chichakyan has more.More on the subject here: Big Brother News: How Raytheon software tracks you online – videoTags: Big Brother, news, Raytheon, New Spy Software, Predict Future

Mark Levin: Obama’s SOTU Address – Lie After Lie After Lie – A Castro-Like Speech in English

Mark Levin weighed in on Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight on Hannity. “A Castro-like speech, albeit in English. Why do you have to keep lying to the American people. Lie after lie after lie.

Constitutional Sheriffs!! Sheriff Mack & Hundreds of Other Sheriffs Stand Up Against Obama’s Gun Grab

Constitutional Sherifs – Sheriff Mack & Hundreds of Other Sheriffs Stand Up Against Obama’s Gun Grab – Published on Feb 12, 2013 | Next News Network’s WHDT World News Program airs daily at 6pm and 11pm Eastern on Comcast, DirecTV and Over-the-Air and Online at

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